When You’re Hot, You’re Hot!


You might say, Mike Berkens of TheDomains(dot)com and RightOfTheDot(dot)com is HOT! After selling over 70,000 of his domains to Godaddy. We have an update: (Godaddy paid about $500 per domain to acquire Michael Berkens’ domain name portfolio. GoDaddy filed its annual report with the SEC today, and it confirms that the company paid $35.5 million to acquire Michael Berkens’ domain name portfolio.) Additionaly, Mr Berkens was in Las Vegas for the domain conference, NamesCon, where he purchased the singular of a plural domain that he already owned for $16,000. While still on the auction floor he flipped them both to a buyer for a cool $60,000. Like I said, “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot! Isn’t domaining fun? If you are Mike Berkens you’re sure having fun.

One thought on “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot!

  1. Good Point Bizmaker
    Recently I submitted some really great Branded two word domains to the Sedo Brokerage and only got a form letter response regarding some 6 figure + names. Heritage Auction gets back to me but is only looking for one word or numbers STILL? Looks like Google has boxed eliminated the exact search by returning the closest paying advertiser. Time for a new search engine machine!

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